Product Manager Jobs in London

Product Management Jobs

London is alive with Product Manager jobs as new products hit the market in their droves...

It seems the drive for new products and therefore new profit streams is unquenchable at the moment. Certainly here at Intelligent People our books are full with vacancies in the product manager area. And it has become something of a specialisim of ours.

We are a Recruitment Agency who places large numbers of professionals into this key area in the capital.

Jobs in London

Whilst London isn’t the only place to go for Product Management vacancies, it is certainly the place where the higest salaries are paid. Six figure basics are quite normal in the mobile, apps and tablet markets. We also see great packages in Telecoms and consumer products as well, while automotive is also doing well.

As you can see from the jobs we have filled this year (see below) this is not an exclusive list. Boundaries are constantly being pushed in the drive for new and innovative products to bring to market. Other areas that are expanding rapidly are online gaming (just see the ads on TV) and online services.

Our historic presence in this niche means we have a wealth of talent and market information available. Our own advanced CRM system makes sure we always know exactly what is going on in this lively market. It also ensures we know when talent is available to fill those awkward Product Manager Vacancies.

The types of Product Manager Jobs in London we have recently run campaigns for include:

  • Product Manager – Digital & New Media
  • Classified Product Manager
  • Online Search Product Manager
  • Product Manager – IPTV, TV & VOD
  • Mobile Services Product Manager
  • Product Manager Gaming / Betting
  • Social Gaming Product Manager
  • Product Manager Price Comparison
  • Online Payments Product Manager
  • Mobile Payment Product Manager
  • Travel Services Product Manager
  • Product Manager – Finance
  • Product Manager – Business Information

If you would like us to fill your Product Manager jobs vacancy in London, get access to our unique resourcing model – please contact us today on 01727 736 690.

Have a look at our Product Marketing division as well.

Intelligent People work with a broad range of Online and New Media Organisations (including Online Retail, Travel, Media, Business Services & NfP).

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