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Online Marketing Jobs

Very few organizations today can do serious business without some form of online marketing. From the advent of the internet decades ago, it has been essential for brands to have a persuasive and compelling online presence, with a professional well-designed website to attract a wider audience of customers. When both small and large businesses began implementing ecommerce, then giant online retailers allowed the customer to instantly buy anything for immediate delivery, sales opportunities mushroomed thanks to online marketing jobs.

Online Competition

Websites rapidly became more competitive thanks to search engine optimisation, pay-per-click marketing, online advertising such as Google AdWords, affiliate marketing and other competitive online marketing techniques that helped strengthen a brand’s online marketing muscle.

From email marketing, one of the earliest forms of online marketing channels, to today’s revolutionary technology of mobile and location marketing, online marketing encompasses multiple digital marketing channels that when exploited correctly, can release an avalanche of new opportunities to target, monitor, influence and sell to your customers.

Affiliates and Partnerships

Affiliate and partnership marketing widens the reach of your website by allowing other websites to link to it, for a commission if you make a sale as a result. Organic SEO techniques increase your competitiveness by ranking your company above other organisations with similar product and service offerings.

Some marketing areas, such as loyalty marketing, are not new but using the online approach to these sectors, such as social media, you can attract and target new customers more effectively. Social media is now a valuable business tool that enables businesses to communicate directly with existing and new target markets while also building brand loyalty and strengthening reputation.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing embraces a range of paid methods such as pay per click (PPC), affiliate advertising, retargeting and paid searches in which online marketing can be used across channels to deliver advertising and target consumers.

An online marketing manager role requires skills and knowledge relating to some or all of these channels. Many opportunities involve managing a team of digital marketers who all have their own specialist areas. Intelligent People is a specialist online marketing recruitment agency and we understand all possible channels and types of potential vacancies within online marketing inside out.

If you’re a client looking for new fresh talent for your online marketing initiatives, our historic database of skilled and dynamic candidates may contain the perfect fit. If not, we have over 12 years’ experience in searching for and head-hunting candidates of the highest calibre, so you can be assured that our consultants can find quality new recruits to lead your organization to greater success.

Candidates Versus Vacancies

Candidates with experience in multichannel digital marketing and who have the drive and initiative to learn and employ new often ground-breaking online marketing techniques are always highly sought after. If you have relevant skills and experience in one or more online marketing channels, coupled with strong metrics and data analysis know-how, contact us to discover your next exciting career move. Put the success of your future in our capable hands.

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