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Growth Hacker Recruitment

If you’re a bold creative digital marketer with unquestionable data analysis skills, a knowledge of coding and an appreciation of customer growth as a product priority, you could be the perfect candidate for a new growth hacker job or to fill one of our increasing portfolio of growth marketer vacancies.

Growth hacker is a phrase that was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, a prominent Silicon Valley growth consultant. He used the term to describe exceptional individuals with the right mind-set, technical know-how and off-beat digital marketing strategies who he was recruiting for and who could take over from him when his consultation period was finished at each internet company that hired him.

Not A Traditional Skill Set

Applicants with traditional marketing qualifications didn’t quite ‘cut it’, as Sean was seeking someone focused entirely on growth for start-ups, and capable of using any legitimate means available to achieve it. So he invented the ‘growth hacker’ job role to describe a candidate who could ideally incorporate viral marketing within a software or cloud-based product, and who could exploit any digital channel possible to access a target market and drive users to a product. Nowadays the term “growth manager” and “growth marketer” are also used.

Whether it’s organic search engine optimisation, paid PPC advertising or manipulating viral social media traffic, the growth hacker must be adept at multi-channel marketing and in-depth data analysis of testing metrics and must also be extremely innovative. A knowledge of product management and the coding skills required for product development is also highly desirable.

Because this capability ideally should be incorporated in an internet product, knowledge of coding during the product design phase is also important for a growth marketer to possess.

Incompatible Mix?

The combination of marketer, coder and product manager may seem like an incompatible mix, but that’s what makes someone who could fill a growth hacker vacancy so sought-after. There is a candidate shortage of extraordinary individuals like this, who are technical, analytical and marketing-oriented, while being able to devise imaginative, novel and effective ways to accelerate product growth.

So if you can implement and optimize every digital marketing channel and discipline available to achieve growth, while constantly monitoring, testing and analysing results to improve and optimise existing and potential customer engagement, this could be just the role for you.

Specialising in Growth Hacker Recruitment

Intelligent People is a specialist growth marketer recruitment agency. We understand that growth is crucial above all else for a start-up company. Acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones is vital to leveraging your competitive edge and our experienced growth hacker recruitment consultants recognise the kind of inspired, talented and motivated growth managers that you’re searching for to propel your organisation’s growth upwards as rapidly as possible.

Recruitment for the growth manager market is different from that of a conventional marketer, as every initiative that a growth hacker employs is focused around growing and expanding the online business. The person who fits into a growth hacker vacancy is also often expected to understand, and be involved in, product design from an early stage, so that growth strategies can be in-built into, for example, a cloud product.

A growth hacker also needs a strong grasp on data analysis, so that testing metrics detect user trends which can be adapted and optimised to attract increased traffic flow from potential leads and a target customer audience.

Useful Examples

The cloud storage and sharing solution Dropbox is an example of a product acting as its own self-perpetuating marketing tool, by offering more storage space for free if an existing user refers the product to a friend.

Online accommodation marketplace Airbnb was a pioneer of growth hacking when its growth hackers found a way to leverage their listings on to well-established accommodation platform Craigslist, even though Craigslist didn’t provide support for external companies to post on its listings.

Although currently the concept of growth hacking is usually limited to start-up enterprises needing to expand fast, some industry experts expect mainstream corporations to adopt the principle in the coming years. If this is the case, demand for potential growth hacker candidates will soar.

So if you’re a start-up company looking to recruit a new growth hacker with the unique skills, expertise and innovation that a growth hacker must have to join your team, contact Intelligent People for your recruitment needs in this exceptional niche – and we’ll start identifying the most exceptional candidates.

Equally, if you’re a growth hacker job candidate who is confident that you can fulfil all the demanding requirements of being responsible for growth hacking, marketing and management for a start-up business, come to Intelligent People’s expert growth hacker recruitment team to take the next exciting step to a very bright future.

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