Five things NOT to do at an interview

So you’ve landed yourself an interview after impressing with your great CV and experience. Now comes the difficult bit – the interview. Here are our five main interview mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. Coming unprepared This sends out a clear message to employers that you’re not motivated or serious. Research the company beforehand, bring a […]


Why is effective decision making so challenging for your product managers?

Product Managers are responsible for the overall direction of the company, including its profit margin, product innovation and customer satisfaction – no pressure! How do they juggle those to stay one step ahead of the competition? Let’s look at the four main attributes you need in your PMs. 1. Product insight and customer empathy The […]


Just how much SEO knowledge do you need?

When it comes to eCommerce, there are two main dilemmas every business faces: • How much will it cost to establish a credible online presence? • How much will you need to know to do this? Winning the SEO battle in a crowded marketplace is essential – but not cheap. Read our dos and don’ts […]



You’ll recognise your own firm’s unique working culture – its social traditions, its etiquette. How do you use social media to promote your company’s culture to new recruits and new business? Part of what attracts new recruits to a company is the promise of a vibrant workplace. It also gives potential clients a peek into […]


Beat the interview jitters

Interview-day nerves are all-too familiar, no matter how confident you normally are. How can you banish the trembling voice and sweaty palms and showcase the real you? Recognise that it’s natural U.S.-based psychologist Dr Tamar Chansky, author of Freeing Yourself From Anxiety, believes that the ‘fight or flight’ response to a threat is totally natural. […]


Who will you hire? The four key questions

It’s never plain sailing when you’re hunting for somebody with the right skillset, personality and business acumen for your enterprise. When you’re in the hot seat and evaluating candidates, what are the best questions for you to ask? The interview gives an invaluable insight into the real traits of your potential candidate, and ‘behind the […]


Stand tall on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the business world’s go-to tool to search for potential employees before jobs are even advertised. Does your profile fit the bill? If recruiters aren’t queuing out of the door to share the latest career opportunities with you (and you’d like them to be), then your LinkedIn profile may be in need of […]


Four ways to kick-start your eCommerce now

It might only be October, but it’s never too early to get ahead of the curve and look towards 2017. Here we’ve outlined four ways to reassess your business objectives and strategy to find new and exciting opportunities. 1. Give your business a New Year resolution Setting out new goals offers the perfect opportunity to […]


Are you forgetting these essentials for a successful LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn has become the go-to for recruitment agencies and employers to scout the best talent on the market. Is your profile ready to make that crucial first impression? According to MarketWatch, a staggering 93% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to search for potential hires. It doesn’t matter if you’re comfortably employed – your LinkedIn profile […]


Four low-cost marketing strategies you should know

How can you save money on marketing and boost your brand? Let’s face it. Marketing these days is rarely done on a shoestring budget, especially for small businesses injecting endless card cash to get themselves recognised by new customers on the web. However, if your purse strings are tighter, there are a number of relatively […]

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