Salary Benchmarking from 2015

We’re thrilled to report yet another record-breaking year from the Intelligent People Recruitment team; with the mCommerce, eCommerce and related B2C career opportunities continuing to flourish as their associated sectors and products boom. Chris Mason, Founder and Co-Director of Intelligent People reports, “The need for top talent and highly specialised skills continues to be the key pain […]


Moving with the times: how flexible working can make your business agile

More and more employees expect to take an agile approach to their work-life balance, seeing a traditional five-day 9 to 5 structure as inconvenient and rather old-fashioned. Since 30 June 2014, any employee with six months of service can request flexible working – flexi-time, working from home, job-sharing, and part-time working – and employers must […]


How to reward employees without spending money

The number one reason most people leave their job is because they don’t receive regular recognition for their efforts in the work place or over a longer period of time suitable development opportunities. Rewarding company employees really does not have to cost your organisation significant cash or time investment. Here are a few ways to […]


The State of Digital Marketing in 2015

What’s working best in digital marketing today? Take a quick look at the following infographic dissecting the state of digital marketing from 2005 to 2014 and what we should expect in 2015; from device usage, to customer life cycle to digital marketing management. Courtesy of SmartInsights.

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