VIDEO: Why the demand for UX and Product Managers continues to rise?

This week Doug Bates provides insight into why there is an ever increasing demand for UX & Product Managers in the eCommerce space. Take a look at the clip below now. Have an opinion? We’d love to hear from you. Contact Michelle Wiggett if you have valuable industry-related information you’d like to share with our market.


VIDEO: Writing a Job Spec Effectively

To really understand the scope of a job and the expectations you’ll have on your employee, it is vital to have it outlined and clearly defined in writing. Writing a job spec effectively will not only give you a better chance of attracting the right talent from the onset but it is also particularly useful in […]


VIDEO: Interview Roadmapping

What is interview roadmapping and how does it affect the recruitment process? Intelligent People’s Director Douglas Bates shares his insights and explains all your need to know to prepare and manage your interviewing process successfully.


VIDEO: CV Writing Tips

If you’re currently searching for a new role, or have your eye on one we’ve advertised  it is vital that your CV is structured to stand out among the hundreds of applications we receive each week. Intelligent People’s Director and Senior Consultant, Douglas Bates provides sound industry advice on how to ensure your CV is […]


VIDEO: How To Deal With A Job Counter Offer

Intelligent People’s Director and Senior Recruitment Consultant Doug Bates provides his insights into ensuring you manage – and decline – a counter offer professionally.


VIDEO: How To Resign

The procedure for resigning is fairly straightforward in itself: provide written notice  of your decision to terminate your contract and work out your agreed notice period. Intelligent People’s Director and Senior Recruitment Consultant, Douglas Bates provides his insights to ensure your resignation process is as smooth and as grudge-free as possible.


How To Motivate Your Recruitment Consultant

Do you currently work with a recruiter who you feel could do with a bit of motivation to source the right candidates for your vacant roles? Take a look at our latest video where Doug Bates, Director at Intelligent People, outlines the key considerations you need to be aware of to ensure you remain their […]


Hiring Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

The hiring process is – admittedly – a bear for managers. It’s time-consuming and arduous. But enough about the hiring managers for now. Is it worth giving some thought as to how candidates are made to feel throughout the process too? Here are a few things we suggest hiring managers consider avoiding during the hiring […]


How to negotiate a higher starting salary?

So, you’ve sailed through the screening and initial interviews, have impressed the managers and senior executives with your credentials, skill set and overall enthusiasm and are now in final interview stage. There is a niggling issue though, and that is that you feel you are worth more than they’re prepared to give, and so you’d […]


What are your chances of getting the job?

You’ve seen the job advertisement that’s given you butterflies, have dreamt about a new role, new title and dream salary, and your finger is set to click the “apply now” button with attached CV. Hold fire! Our statistics indicate that only 1 out of 38 applicants are successful  when applying for a new job, which […]

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