How to succeed in a video interview

Video interviews have become a highly popular starting base in the recruitment process. They assist hiring managers to filter candidates quickly and efficiently, plus save job seekers valuable commuting time and the added costs of getting to an interview. If not thought through properly and correctly prepared for video interviews may easily result in a negative outcome. […]


What is Startup Casual Attire?

The definition “interview dress code” immediately conjures up a formal power suit and dressing for success. However, more recently and fairly common practice in startup environments is to advise interviewees to dress down for their interviews. A new kind of interview and work attire has subsequently emerged, known as startup casual. If you are thinking of joining […]


Starting a new job: Checklist

Congratulations. You’ve landed your dream job and are most likely excitedly looking ahead now that the interviewing challenge is over. It’s probably best not to allow yourself to become too complacent though. Starting a new role is a big deal and it is important to prepare yourself ahead of time so that you are ready to impress […]


Interview Preparation: Why do you want to work here?

There are certain question types which will inevitably crop up in just about any interview scenario with the typical “Why do you want to work here” being the most obvious. The reason behind this is fairly transparent too – the interviewer is actively looking for signs that indicate you’ve thought long and hard about your […]


Have your tailored your CV?

With the increased drive for specialised talent within the jobs market, it is more important than ever to tailor your CV to each role you apply for. When a recruitment consultancy advertises a new vacancy it is likely that they’re going to receive hundreds of applications and so it only makes sense for a serious […]


Job seekers: Have you optimised your online presence?

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Did you know that over 80% of recruiters and hiring managers run a quick search on prospective candidates to find out more about their personality, behaviour and suitability for a role? Given such an emerging trend, it is imperative for serious job seekers to start taking responsibility […]


The 7 questions you need to ask at your next interview

The interview is almost over, and you’ve more than covered every question that the hiring manager has asked. So don’t brush off the very final “Do you have any questions…” as a mere formality. If you don’t have further questions it could indicate to the interviewer that you do not care enough to ask or that you haven’t taken the […]


How to qualify yourself for a Product Management job

If you want to work as a developer, you learn software engineering, computer science or teach yourself to code. If you want to become a UX designer, you learn about design and behavioural psychology. But what do you need to learn if you want to qualify for a job as a product manager? There’s no […]


VIDEO: What Makes a Good Product Manager?

Douglas Bates, senior consultant and co-founder of Intelligent People shares his insight on how Product Managers are currently perceived by hiring managers and the market at large  and what sets a fantastic Product Manager apart from other candidates in the field.


VIDEO: The Candidate Market for Product Managers

Doug Bates, Director and senior recruiter at Intelligent People provides a comprehensive overview of the current market opportunities for product manager candidates. Take a look at his latest video interview now :- If you’re a product manager looking for a new challenge or you’re in line management and are looking to expand your team do get […]

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