How to speed up your hiring process

Organisations are being told to look at ways to make their hiring processes more efficient to adapt to the changing economic reality. With so many specialist roles evolving within the Marketing and eCommerce sector, the demand for talent continues to soar. When we come across exceptional candidates and present their CVs for roles we’re covering, […]


Is your onboarding process up to scratch?

First impressions count and employee onboarding is a critical process which forms the basis of a positive employee relationship. It ensures that new hires start contributing to the organisation’s profitability as quickly as possible, and promotes employee engagement from the word go. A slick, fully branded online onboarding and induction process helps you show candidates that […]


What qualities and skills to look for in a remote employee

A remote working option is the way of the future, there’s no doubt about it. Which comes with it’s own set of advantages as well as challenges for managers and business leaders. Successful hiring managers can overcome these unique challenges by ensuring future potential employees demonstrate particular traits and qualities to ensure they will do […]


How to fast track recruitment for your Startup

The past year has seen a record number of recruitment Startups become registered and funded in London, and as a result the number of recruitment demands for top talent has been on the rise. Startups, particularly those funded by outside investors, go into business with growth being their forefront objective. However, expanding too quickly and […]


How to make a job offer irresistible

In a highly competitive eCommerce driven industry offering your most suitable candidate a role will not guarantee their acceptance. This phase of the recruiting process can often be the most difficult in terms of negotiation. Ultimately you’re pitching what the benefits of the role are for the candidate. This includes managing salary and benefit negotiations […]


How to effectively shortlist candidate applications

Hiring for a new role inevitably means wading through reams of hopeful applications if you’re managing this process yourself, or working alongside a recruiter who fully comprehends your requirements and is shortlisting on your behalf. Either way, the ball is ultimately in your court when it comes to deciding who you’d like to interview. Here are […]


Is your hiring strategy in place?

Finding the right candidate to contribute towards achieving your organisational goals is no easy task, and the fight for attracting and retaining top talent in today’s market remains fierce. Even with the latest technology, alternative hiring methods, personality tests and various analyses available there is always a significant investment in time and resources in recruitment, as […]


What do you do when the candidate doesn’t accept your offer?

Getting the right candidate through to offer stage may feel difficult and there’s certainly a lot that can go wrong. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for candidates to accept a different role or no longer be interested by the time you’re ready to make an offer. When you consider the time invested reviewing profiles and meeting […]

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