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In today’s rapidly shifting retail environment, shoppers, whether online or store-based, expect to be able to locate what they want, in the store they want, when they want it. Finding the best category management skills to fill your vacancies is, consequently, vital to your success.

On-Demand Availability

So it’s becoming increasingly critical that both retailers and suppliers adopt a process that ensures on-demand availability at the right time for consumers. Strategic category management can help both retailers and suppliers reduce cost, improve sales and grow profits – all while fulfilling a customer’s preference for the right type and brand of product.

Category managers use data-centric analysis to identify consumer insights and behaviour patterns, enabling better tactical product decisions that will keep the customer satisfied. By gathering data on customers’ previous buying decisions and consumer behaviour, a category management consultant can forecast the best categories – or product range managed as a mini business unit – that will contribute to increased sales for a retailer and larger profits for a supplier.

The Process of Category Management

The process of category management, where each product category has its own revenue, profitability targets and peformance goals, is aimed at improving business results while also enhancing value for the consumer and identifying the best sourcing options from suppliers.

The recruiters at Intelligent People appreciate how important data analysis and metrics are in the category manager’s decision-making process, and that the ability to gain insight on customer behaviour and preferred consumer choice from complex data is vital for a candidate to possess when applying for a category management job vacancy.

Job Vacancies

Being able to track consumer buying patterns is crucial, but all of this data has to be turned into effective category management decisions such as which product category to stock and how much, type and price of individual items within a category and item availability. Sourcing efficiency is also key when identifying categories to stock and sell.

The experienced consultants at Intelligent People also know that there can be more to the category manager’s role than analysing data to convert it into insight. Having curiosity can encourage a category manager analyst to explore shopper behaviour in a different way – and discover what factor may prompt specific customer actions. Once their behaviour is explained, you can recreate factors that produced beneficial outcomes, such as multiple or repeat purchases, more frequent purchases or choosing add-ons and alternative products.

Specialised Recruitment Services

You may be a suitable candidate to fill a category management job vacancy if you have a strong background in using analytical tools and techniques to extract meaning and insight from data. A qualification in marketing, economics or category management will be a great asset too. Contact the specialised recruitment advisors at Intelligent People to explore available job vacancies in this challenging and dynamic role. If you are working for a company interested in finding results-driven, ambitious and motivated recruits who can strengthen your organisation’s marketing or category management abilities, talk to the experts at Intelligent People to set the ball rolling.

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